New year same story...

First of all we wanna thank everyone for the support in 2017.
We had a great year with the release of our 2nd full lenght album "UNBROKEN" and music videos for the title song "UNBROKEN" and oru first german song "EUER HASS".
Also we played a couple of good shows which is for sure one of the main reasons why we have started this band.

Also the first shows for this year are booked and we definitely hope to be more on the road again in 2018.

so far we have following dates confirmed but more are in the conversation:

03.02.2018 Vienna HC-Fest @ JC Wegeleben alte Zuckerfabrik (DE)

24.03.2018 Das Bach, Vienna (AT)
12.05.2018 Majales Hardcore @Areal Koupaliste, Kostelec nad Orlici (CZ)


01.12.2018 Bdp Haus Bremen (DE)

If you wanna see us in your town, just write a message to or forward our contact to a local booker.
We are thankful for every help we can get so feel free to share our music and contact and lets a have a good time.

Dominik - Vocals 

Daniel - Guitar
Raffi - Drums
Marco - Guitar
Hansl - Bass

COMPANION is a five-piece hardcore band based out of Vienna, Austria. Since their establishment in 2012 the band has constantly moved ahead and developed their skills. COMPANION has a sound & style that stands out through their groovy & crushing guitar sound, powerful drums, a rich bass feel combined with brutal vocals. Put all this together & you get a band that delivers heavy and powerful hardcore delivered from the heart that won't allow you to keep still.

COMPANION was born in the summer of 2012. The first demo “What Keeps Us Alive” was recorded and released shortly after their establishment & was quickly followed by several shows in Austria and surrounding countries. 


In the late fall of 2013, further songs were recorded by Origin Audio for the second EP “You Are Not On Your Own” which was released by Burnside Records(Vienna) in March 2014. Shortly after this Companion became a proud member of the Vienna Style Hardcore Family which they remain very strongly connected to ever since. 


The debut full length album “For The Underdogs” was released in July 2015 by Burnside Records Vienna which was followed up with them taking their spot alongside fellow VSHC bands Only Attitude Counts & Spidercrew on the “VSHC Brotherhood Tour 2015” which travelled it’s way right across Europe delivering their unique brand of hardcore. This was the perfect chance to promote the album & show fans what they are capable of on stage with their highly energetic & super heavy live performances.


Besides this tour the band has played various festivals and club shows in different spots throughout Europe.


On June 2nd 2017 their new record titled "UNBROKEN" was released by Australain label 10-54 Records.

"...this band didn't just knock me off my feet. They kicked the shit out of me." - Worldwide Underground

"Die Füße kribbeln, weil man ordentlich Bock auf Circle-Pit und Mosh bekommt..." - Away From Life
"Positive Hardcore with a big touch of Aggression..." - Hardcore Gateway

"Companion sind prollig. Mega prollig. Dicke Hose, ohne peinlich zu sein..." - Corepoint Magazine

"Vienna Style Hardcore at its finest... Companion's second full lenght release is top quality hardcore." - Invicta Magazine

Companion is constantly looking for shows and happy to party and meet people around the globe.



© 10-54 Records



  1. Intro
  2. Unbroken
  3. No Plea For Mercy
  4. Narrow-Minded
  5. Cold Concrete
  6. Euer Hass
  7. The Enemy feat. MIKE O.A.C.
  8. Against The Odds
  9. Blindfolded feat. TOBIAS INSANITY
  10. Antisocial feat. MATY N.B.F.
  11. One Life
  12. Outro




© Burnside Records


  1. Anthem
  2. Watch Your Back
  3. Your Time Will Come
  4. Slaves To The System
  5. Stand Against
  6. Find Fight Defeat
  7. Unarmed Soldier
  8. V.S.H.C
  9. Surrender
  10. Keep Your Truth
  11. Pain Was My Fuel
  12. Farewell



© Burnside Records


  1. Avalanche
  2. Strength Of A Lion
  3. Companion
  4. My Inner Voice
  5. Face Your Enemy